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The core value held by Nanjing Bestgreen Chemical Co., ltd is the essential tenets to underpin the whole organization which is the most important to us.

  • Ingegrity
    We are committed to honesty, timeliness and clarity in communicating with our suppliers and we expect the same in return.With ingegrity, we do business with our customers abroad and domectically for long term.
  • Cooperation
    Cooperations make us work as a team. High-efficiency teamwork guranteed every order carried out successfully.Cooperation with customers lead us both grow fastly in agrochemcial industry. We stick to make every effort to be the reliable partner on business and trade.

  •  Innovation for development
    We are creative on R&D of new products, we are creative on Markeing strategy. We are creative to adapt ourselves to fit for the ever changing world. With creatibity, we developed greatly by creating on-going win-win parterships with our customers.
  •  Focus on details
    We focus on agrochemical products and technology, we focus on service. It is worthy to minute details in everything for our clients.


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