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[ Brassinolide ]



       CAS: 72962-43-7

Product Category

 Plant growth regulator

Mode of Action

 Oligodynamic and rapidly affects specific target tissues that are sensitive to the plant hormone indole-3-acetic acid (IAA)


 Lychee, longan ,orange, orange, apple, pear, grape, loquat ,peach, apricot, strawberry and banana etc; tomato, eggplant, etc;Watermelon, melon, cucumber etc; snow peas, beans, peas, etc; leeks, Onions, garlic, ginger etc


To promote vegetables, melons and fruits and other crops to grow
To improve quality and increase production.
To make colour and lustre more gorgeous and leaf blade thicker.
To make the tea leaf picking time in advance.
To make melons and fruits contain higher sugar, bigger, more productive and more resistant to storage

Main Formulations

  95% TC , 0.004%SL,0.01%EC



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