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[ Gibberellic acid 4%EC ]

Gibberellic acid

CAS: 77-06-5

Product Category

 Plant growth regulator

Mode of Action

Acts as a plant growth regulator on account of its physiological and morphological effects in extremely low concentrations. Translocated. Generally affects only the plant parts above the soil surface.


 clementines and pears (especially William pears), grapes, lemons, navel oranges, cherries etc.

Pest Spectrum

 Has a variety of applications

Main Formulations

 90%TC, 20%TABLET,10%DP,40%SP, 10%SP

Packing details

 Small or large package according to customers' requirement.


ITEM   90%TC 20%TABLET  10%DP 
 Content  90.8%  20.23%  10.1%
 Appearance  White crystal powder  White tablet   White crystal powder
 Loss on drying  0.15%  /  /
 Specific optical rotation  +82.48  /  /
 Moisture / 2.11% 0.5%
 PH value / 5.87 6.2
Insoluble matter in water / 0.08% 0.08%
Fragment / 0.16% /
Collapse tiem limit / 8.9% /
Heat storage stability / Up to grade Up to grade

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