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[ Mepiquat Chloride ]


       Mepiquat Chloride
         CAS: 24307-26-4

Product Category

 Plant growth regulator

Mode of Action

  Inhibits biosynthesis of gibberellic acid


  Peanuts, mung beans, tomatoes, watermelons and cucumbers, etc


To make plants shorter and increase content of chlorophyll. This also increases assimilation of leaves and adjusts distribution of outcome inside plants.
To adjust growth of cottons,control model of plant, harmonize develop of nutrition, reduce falling off of boil, increase boil number and weight of each plant and increase output. 
To make wheat short but strong and increase the production. Restrain elongation of culm, make plant to be wide and strong, avoid its lodge. The color of leaves will be darker, accumulation of nutrition become increased, number of fringe and output both increased obviously

Main Formulations

 98%TC,250g/L SL




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